I currently offer consulting services across Greater New York City.Summer 2015 - From BrooklynMy day job is as Head of Marketing for a budding insurance start up called Jetty. We launched in April of 2017 and have been off to the races ever since. Prior to Jetty, I worked as a full time marketing consultant offering execution, strategy, and consulting services for small to medium sized business in the Greater New York City area and across the country.

How It Works:

  • We outline a scope of work for your business with a set number of hours per week or project.
  • Service options include:
    • Strategy & Execution – Digital Media, Paid Search (SEM), Organic Search (SEO), Paid Social (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn), Display (Programmatic, Retargeting, Dynamic Retargeting, Prospecting), Direct Mail, TV (Addressable, Traditional), Podcasts, Out of Home (Wild Postings, Subway Ads, Bus Kiosks, Phone Kiosks, Installations), Email, Affiliates, and Digital Branding.
    • Other Services – Budgeting, Profit & Loss Modeling, Creative Management, Creative Production, Conversion Rate Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Multivariate Testing, Business Intelligence, Events, Conference, and Database Structure & Analytics.
  • We craft a plan across all applicable channels to grow your business both on and offline.

Reach out for a quote or more information to emilee.walch@gmail.comΒ or fill out the form below: