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Easter Brunch

April 30, 2014

Easter Brunch - Raspberry MuffinsHolidays in a new place always seem tough without family around.  Everyone goes home and spends time with loved ones.  It’s weird to wrap my head around doing that only once a year now instead of several times a year like I’ve been used to for so long.  So, this was the first holiday here in New York I wouldn’t have my normal Midwest cushion around.  But imagine my relief when I found out my favorite girls and an old friend from LA would be in town for the holiday.  We decided on Easter Brunch at my place.  The guests provided the drinks and I spent the weekend prepping.

I jumped on Smitten Kitchen for some inspiration and ended up finding wayyyyy too many things I wanted to make.  I added and subtracted a few things in recipes but the main stuff remains the same so that’s what I’ll be linking to.  The only Emilee original that made it to the brunch buffet was a bacon and arugula hash with fire roasted corn and tomatoes.  That Deb Perelman is just too good though.  I had to take a stab at four of her dishes for this brunch because I just couldn’t make up my mind.  Too good, tooooo good.

Easter Brunch - PrepHere was the final menu:

Overall it was a pretty great success.  I can foresee so many brunches in the future.  I loved doing this.  Seriously.  I’m mad I forgot to take a picture of the final panna cottas but they turned out great.  I could make another batch of those … anytime.  I want to top them with granola and berries or maybe some candied citrus and maple.  Okay I’m salivating now … great …

Muffin Prep!

I liked these muffins but I don’t think I’ll make them again.  They were missing something … I might go for a full on lemon poppy seed next time.  I’m obsessed with lemon poppy seed and I rarely get to have it.  Think about that with a lemon zest glaze … okay salivating again …

I mean … look at this is dripping in glazed goodness.  This was my favorite brunch item by far.  Tangy, sweet, sticky, and that sucker was packed full of flavor.  Such a home run loaf.  I’ll be making this again.  Maybe tomorrow.

To prep this ridiculously easy and delicious French toast, you let the cinnamon toasted bread soak up custard for a few hours before baking it. It can even sit overnight for even more flavor. Honestly the best French toast I’ve ever eaten at home and baking makes brunch prep the morning of super easy.  No hanging over the stove frying things up to order.  Set it … and forget it … basically.

Next time I make this green yogurt panna cotta (and I know it will be soon) I’ll get a shot of the final product.  This was right after prep before they hit the fridge to cool down and set.

Easter Brunch - French ToastI want to rewind and make all this all over again.  I’m very thankful for having made it through holiday #1 in New York City sans family.  I’d say that Friends Easter Brunch was beyond successful.  It might become a new tradition …

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